39 years of Carmel Music Society Competition Winners

2018  Kevin Lee Sun, Pianist  Recital, January 13, 2019

2016  Man-Ling Bai, Pianist  website

2014  Noël Wan, Harpist  website

2013  Michael Noble, Pianist  website

2012  Clarissa Lyons, Soprano  website

2011  Jae-in Shin, Violin   website

2010  1st Prize: Tanya Gabrielian, Pianist  website

2010  2nd Prize: Irene Kim, Pianist   website

Due to scheduling difficulties, Ms Gabrielian was unable to present a recital during the competition weekend in May, 2011, and Ms. Kim played that recital instead. Ms. Gabrielian gave a special recital in April, 2011. We were delighted to present both of these wonderful young artists in concert!

2009  Devon Guthrie, Soprano  Richmond Symph. Website

2008  Dana Booher, Saxophonist   website

2007  Elizabeth Schumann, Pianist   website

2006  Brian Thorsett, Tenor  website

2005  Katie Kadarauch, Violist  SF Symphony Website

2004  Judy Huang, Pianist

2003  Sonia Gariaeff, Soprano

2002  Caroline Campbell, Violinist   website

2001  Dale Tsang-Hall, Pianist

2000  Kenneth Goodson, Baritone

1999  Felix Fan, Cellist  website

1998  Heidi Hau, Pianist  website

1997  Lanya Chianakas, Mezzo-Soprano  website

1996  Andrea Plesnarski, Oboist  website

1995  Yongmei Hu, Pianist  website

1994  Cynthia Clayton, Soprano website

1993  Thorsten Encke, Cellist   website

1992  Mark Anderson, Pianist    website

1991  Earle Patriarco, Baritone

1990  Qi-Xin Pu, Violinist

1989  Bryan Verhoye, Pianist  website

1988  Derek Anthony, Bass  website

1987  Lisa Smith, Guitarist

1986  John Sutherland Earle, Pianist

1985  Robert Swensen, Tenor  website

1984  Mia Kim, Violinist

1983  David Allen Wehr, Pianist

1982  Ann Gresham, Soprano

1981  Diane Hidy, Pianist   website

1980  Judy Lin, Pianist

1979  Ruth Golden, Soprano   L.I. University website

1978  Neil Rutman, Pianist  website

1977  Craig Nies, Pianist  website

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